We are a premiere consulting services partner and believe in giving an extra edge to our clients over their competitors. Our business, operational and technical proficiency coupled with our ability to deploy and manage the right professional teams for any given assignment from ERP to Data warehousing has been successfully demonstrated through several of successful engagements. from day one, ERPMARK INC’s greatest advantage has been our “unmatchable excellence” philosophy. Its an approach that drives everything we do .This very vision makes us a unique and efficient consultancy in the industry.


We take great care to see that our client’s focus and resources are invested in their core business responsibilities by taking care of their technology-related issues. In this way ERPMARK INC becomes an extended technological arm of our client’s companies. This has lead to many long term business relations between us and our happy clients. Our clients repeatedly turn to us to resolve their technology related issues and to meet their changing IT objectives.


ERPMARK INC consultants have a reputation for dedication and always exceeding customer expectations, which is based on solid grounds of technical and business expertise. We have a team of highly trained professionals who are masters of hard-to-find skills and the combination of their skill-sets enable them to face and solve any and every kind of technological problem. Business is a like an art of war, and we make sure we have every weapon. Our consultants undergo very rigorous pre-screening and interviewing before they are accepted in the business arena. This is our way of delivering matchless quality resources which serve our clients technological needs. We are proud of our competitive benefits and innovative “employee care” initiatives that have enabled us to retain highly experienced consultants at a significantly higher rate than many of our competitors.


ERPMARK INC is very well aware of the business scene today, it is a never ending battle of excellence. Hence ERPMARK INC’s non-stop recruiting engine is at work 24/7 in USA and South Asia. We always ensure that we have a team of best professionals ready to fill the need of skilled developers, business analysts, project managers wherever, whenever our clients require us. We have them on ready-to-go mode on long range, contractual, contract to-hire- or permanent basis.


ERPMARK INC’s dual-shore IT services delivery model makes us extremely competitive in terms of convenience, affordability and immediacy. It gives us the flexibility to provide the delivery method—onsite, offshore or a combination of the two—that ensures the best service in the shortest time at the lowest cost. As a U.S.-based company with offshore capabilities in India, we provide the value of a large, onsite integrator in combination with the economies of offshoring. The dual-shore model leverages India’s abundance of qualified and highly educated personnel, proven quality standards and time zone advantage.