The rate at which companies are outsourcing IT and application services is continuing to increase as they seek to improve their performance and reduce costs. However, industry data shows that the high hopes for business returns through outsourcing often are not realized. The results fail to meet the promise for many reasons — from poor benchmarking of existing service levels, to inflexible contracts, to unanticipated technology change.

In response, leading companies are shifting to a best-of-breed outsourcing model that aligns specific needs of the organization with partners that excel at corresponding services.

At ERPMARK INC, we help clients address their outsourcing challenges in the areas of planning, implementing, and managing business applications.

For over several years, clients have trusted ERPMARK INC to plan their investments in technology, design and implement projects that drive competitive advantage, and manage critical applications. Our application outsourcing model, creates a measurable business value over an extended period of time.

To meet demands for the best application outsourcing in the industry, we apply our expertise in the client's industry, business processes, and technologies to reduce and control costs, improve their business agility, optimize their operational effectiveness, and improve the long-term performance of their organization and people.

Our track record for delivering the right results on time and on budget leads our industry, as do our high client satisfaction ratings. We combine this with our transparent onshore/offshore model to deliver superior return from outsourcing.