ERPMARK INC is at the forefront of deploying IT in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, providing best-in-class technology solutions. Rising costs, increased competition and continual regulatory changes have put enormous strain on these organizations.


We have a strong team of domain experts with diverse experience including drug discovery, regulatory requirements such as FDA, HIPAA, Health Insurance, Hospital Management, and managed care among others.

Our strong expertise in e-business technologies is coupled with over a decade of IT expertise to deliver solutions that bring business benefits to clients.


Our IT solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare range from drug discovery and biotechnology research to care delivery and care management and financing:

Discovery / Research & Development
Regulatory Compliance
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Sales & Marketing.


We have been helping healthcare organizations for several years with a wide range of solutions. The organizations covered include Providers, Payers and Medical Technology companies.


Health Care Information Systems We have helped customers implement off-the-shelf products and develop customized applications designed to deliver better Healthcare.

Our solutions have delivered value to our customers by automating and integrating all necessary functions and components throughout the entire care-delivery process. These solutions have dramatically improved the quality of healthcare delivery, increased productivity and efficiency and helped contain costs and optimize revenue.


We deliver complete Clinical Information Systems that support all clinical functions like EMRs/CPRs, Patient Care Management, Order Entry, Results Reporting, Nursing Services, Departmental Clinical Management, Laboratory Services, Pharmacy Services, Radiology Services, Clinical Decision Support, etc. These systems are designed to support patient care by providing healthcare practitioners with access to timely, complete and relevant clinical information about the patient.

We also offer complete Administrative Information Systems, which can support all the administrative and financial functions like Patient Registration, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Materials Management and Facilities Management.


As a payer organization, there is a continual imperative to improve claims processing while reducing administrative costs. ERPMARK INC has been helping clients improve claims management systems through integration and automation. These solutions have helped clients reduce costs, process claims faster and more efficiently.


Payer organizations are looking for ways to efficiently manage the large network of providers such as physicians, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies. We help you with solutions in Network Management, Provider Credentialing, Customer Portals, contract management and settlements.


We offer a complete range of HIPAA solutions. Our HIPAA solutions include:

  • Education and Awareness
    • We help clients develop an awareness building campaign by conducting training sessions for senior managers and by training the trainers (HIPAA Champions). We also provide technology-based training / knowledge management solutions to sustain and build the HIPAA awareness across the organization.
  • Assessment
    • We believe that HIPAA presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Therefore, our assessment approach is focused just not only on HIPAA compliance but on leveraging the best out of the HIPAA transition. This assessment can be a high level or a detailed assessment. This can also include HIPAA business strategy and planning along with gap and impact analysis
  • Remediation
    • Remediation involves rectifying all systems, processes and policies that are not compliant with HIPAA regulations. Remediation method would depend on gravity and nature of the non-compliance. Certain systems can be rectified with changes and some may need redevelopment. This may include:
      • Data-mapping and translation services
      • HIPAA transaction data repository services
      • Legacy system remediation
      • Security compliance
      • Privacy


Our HIPAA practice managers regularly monitor the changes in HIPAA regulations from time to time. Our HIPAA support service tracks these changes and its impact specifically on your organization and help you plan and implement changes to your processes and systems on an ongoing basis.