Prior to implementing a new SAP system, implementing new functionality or purchasing SAP software for your company it is useful to perform an implementation study. Such a study can help you validate whether SAP is the right software to meet your business needs and will help you define the scope, phasing and budgeting of your new implementation or project.

During an implementation study, a high level assessment of your major business processes is performed during workshops or interview sessions. The deliverables of such a study would include:

  • a high level business process blueprint with mapping to SAP functionality
  • system landscape overview including legacy systems that could be replaced or interfaced to SAP
  • recommendations on whether standard SAP will support your processes or if modifications are needed

ERPMARK INC can perform or assist you in such an SAP implementation study.


SAP project planning and project management is key to getting your SAP system implemented within budget and within time. ERPMARK INC has senior and experienced specialists who will be happy to assist you in preparing and managing your project. An ideal SAP project management team consists of a mix of management from your organization and an experienced SAP project manager. Together they are able to plan and manage the project within the style and culture of your organization.


SAP systems can support a variety of industries with straight forward to very complex business processes. Implementing SAP efficiently and effectively requires your project to be staffed with specialists that have extensive experience in your specific industry as well as sound and up to date SAP functional and technical knowledge. As an SAP consulting company, We can offer:

  • SAP functional specialists with a high knowledge level of the software and your business process due to years of experience and education.
  • SAP ABAP programming specialists (ABAP is SAP's own programming language) to develop enhancements, non standard reports, interfaces, XI and EDI solutions, etc.


Keeping an SAP system up and running and aligned with the continuing changing system requirements is a big challenge. When having an SAP system that has a wide scope of functionality implemented it becomes an even bigger challenge. Especially for small and medium sized organizations it is hard to attract, afford and retain SAP specialist in all required area's.

Outsourcing is becoming a common approach. Companies outsource support for following reasons:

  • They are too small to hire all required SAP knowledge due to budget restrictions and underutilization of resources
  • They are in a location where it is hard to hire SAP resources
  • They have a high turnover of SAP resources and discontinued availability for support
  • They want the ability of 24/7 support
  • They want to reduce support cost through off-site & off-shore support

ll together through outsourcing small and medium organizations are offered the ability to share knowledge and highly skilled SAP resources and provide support on a 24/7 basis to their end users at the same or lower cost as in-house support.

ERPMARK INC has taken a modern and highly systematical approach in offering SAP support services by integrating our support method with the Solution Manager functionality of SAP that comes with the standard SAP license. The benefit range from SAP knowledge database with common solutions and solutions specific to your organization. For more information we offer to come for a presentation and demonstration at your organization. Please contact us through phone or mail to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it for more information.